Can we reduce adverse effects of ADT through cyclical estrogen therapy?

The adverse effects of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) resulting from the use of surgical castration (orchiectomy) or medical castration (luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone [LHRH] agonists) are extensive, including sexual dysfunction, hot flashes, osteoporosis, and many others. … READ MORE …

The Saturday prostate cancer news: November 29, 2008

We have separately addressed a report on 10-year outcome data following (non-robotic) laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer. In today’s other reports we have addressed:

  • The potential of annexin A3 as a marker for early diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • The ability of PSAV and PSAD to predict risk for prostate cancer in men with one or more negative prostate biopsies
  • Estrogens, estrogen receptors, and prostate cancer development and progression
  • Differences between clinical and pathological Gleason scores and the impact on outcomes following surgery … READ MORE …