Prostate cancer news reports: Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today’s news reports address recent articles on:

  • Ethnicity and first-line treatment for localized prostate cancer
  • Management of biochemical relapse after first-line radiation therapy for localized disease
  • “Pelvic floor rehabilitation” therapy after nerve-sparing surgery
  • The DAB2IP gene and metastatic prostate cancer … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news reports: Thursday, October, 2009

In today’s news reports we cover items on:

  • Risks for prostate cancer from  smoking and increased adipose tissue
  • The role of religious activities in prostate cancer testing among African Americans
  • Blood loss at the time of surgery and risk for progressive disease … READ MORE …

Socioeconomic status, race, and prostate cancer — the view from California

The differences in risk for and mortality from prostate cancer across racial and ethnic lines have been well documented.However, there has been continuing controversy over the degree to which socioeconomic status (SES) may be able to account for these differences. … READ MORE …

Metabolic syndrome, race, and risk for prostate cancer

Metabolic syndrome is increasingly prevalent in the USA and in other parts of the “westernized” world and consists of a cluster of conditions that are known risk factors for cardiovascular disease (obesity, high cholesterol levels, pre-diabetes, etc.). Several recent reports have also linked metabolic syndrome to prostate cancer — but have not had racially diverse populations to explore differences in risk. … READ MORE …

Wednesday’s news reports: February 25, 2009 — Part 1

There has been a positive plethora of news reports over the past 24 hours, starting with the very important issuance of the AUA/ASCO guideline on the potential use of 5-ARIs for the prevention of prostate cancer. This will be just the first of at least three groups of news reports today! This report deals with:

  • A review of the role of IGF-I levels in development (and possible treatment) of prostate cancer
  • The lack of “race-specific” differences in PSA levels based on ancestry
  • An assessment of the feasibility of using genetic variants to test for prostate cancer risk
  • The availability of a research grade (not a clinical) test for sarcosine levels in tissues
  • Interim data on the investigational drug phenoxodiol … READ MORE …

Race, socioeconomic status, and prostate cancer

The issue of whether race and socioeconomic status impact prostate cancer treatment outcomes is fraught with all sorts of pitfalls: emotional, statistical, political, medical, societal, you name it. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news update: Tuesday, August 26

There are several interesting news items today, as follows:

  • Ethnic variation in the performance of PSA and PSA density as markers for risk of prostate cancer
  • Potential underuse of active surveillance in eligible patients
  • Application of active surveillance in a 40-patient case series
  • The potential to eliminate the need for a urethral (Foley) catheter post-surgery
  • Circulating tumor cell levels as a predictor for response to androgen deprivation therapy … READ MORE …