Further experience with salvage HIFU after first-line EBRT

A second, small study has now offered additional data on clinical experience of the use of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) as a form of salvage therapy in men initially diagnosed with localized prostate cancer, but with a rising PSA after external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) as their first-line treatment. … READ MORE …

Adverse effects of first-line treatments for localized prostate cancer

Prospective data from a significant Spanish study provide us with additional insights into the short- and longer-term adverse effects of common types of invasive therapy for localized prostate cancer. … READ MORE …

Sunday at the ASCO annual meeting

There were a number of significant prostate cancer presentations today, and while none of them were “game changing” (for a variety of reasons), they are certainly worthy of notice. … READ MORE …

Results of a randomized trial of two modern types of radiation therapy

A newly published Italian study offers what we believe to be the first direct comparison of two “modern” types of external beam radiation therapy for the treatment of localized, high-risk prostate cancer. This is a relatively small trial, with relatively brief follow-up to date, but the results are nontheless interesting and important. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news reports: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In today’s news reports we comment on studies dealing with:

  • PSA level, body mass index, risk, and outcomes
  • External beam radiotherapy in treatment of Japanese patients
  • An endorectal balloon to prevent anal/rectal side effects of radiation?
  • The optimal period of neoadjuvant hormone therapy prior to radiation therapy … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news reports: Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In today’s news reports we address new data on:

  • The possible association between PSA levels and SNPs
  • Patient age at diagnosis and prostate cancer outcomes
  • Revalidation of the Stephenson nomogram for outcomes after salvage radiation therapy
  • Failure to follow best practices for radiation of bony metastases … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer radiotherapy in men on warfarin or Plavix

A recent study has assessed the risk of bleeding as a consequence of radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer in men being treated with anticoagulants . … READ MORE …

The weekend prostate cancer news: Saturday, January 31, 2009

Items covered in this weekend news report include:

  • Acrylamide exposure as a potential risk for prostate cancer
  • The relative merits of three standard first-line therapies in intermediate risk prostate cancer
  • Estramustine + etopside in hormone-refractory prostate cancer (HRPC)
  • Bone turnover markers and risk for skeletal-related events in patients receiving zoledronic acid … READ MORE …

Exercise and radiotherapy: a controlled, randomized trial

It has long been known that external beam radiotherapy for treatment of prostate cancer may cause unfavorable changes in fatigue, quality of life (QOL), and physical fitness. This commentary discusses the results from the Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy and Exercise Versus Normal Treatment study, conducted in Canada. … READ MORE …

Today’s prostate cancer news: Wednesday, October 8

Other than the PCA3 report, additional news today includes:

  • A new review on the combination of EBRT and brachytherapy in localized disease
  • Long-term follow-up data on the use of HIFU at a major German center
  • Early trial data on use of Sutent and Rapamume in men who have failed docetaxel
  • The possible role of pituitary gland surgery in very late stage disease … READ MORE …

ASTRO prostate cancer reports: no. 3

Prostate cancer reports from the 50th annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO), held in Boston, have kindly been provided by Eyad Abu-Isa, MD, a resident in radiation oncology at the University of Michigan

This year’s scientific sessions concluded on Wednesday with two sessions focused on prostate cancer therapies and long-term outcomes and one afternoon session focused on quality of life outcomes. … READ MORE …