What’s hot today? Tuesday, September 2

Today’s reports address:

  • The potential prognostic significance of a tertiary Gleason pattern in pathologic analysis of prostate cancer stage following a radical prostatectomy
  • The relative safety of two types of external beam radiotherapy in treatment of patients with localized prostate cancer … READ MORE …

More weekend prostate cancer news: Sunday, August 17

Additional prostate cancer news this weekend includes the following items:

  • The role of follow-up pathology in patients with clinical stage T1a (TURP-detected) prostate cancer
  • The impact of the number of risk factors on the likelihood of prostate cancer-specific mortality in patients with intermediate- and high-risk disease
  • Whether a familial history of prostate cancer affects outcomes following brachytherapy for localized disease
  • Whether obese men are at greater risk for delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer and subsequent poorer outcomes based on current PSA screening recommendations … READ MORE …