Duration of hormone therapy in combination with radiation for locally advanced prostate cancer

An important article by Bolla et al. has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine today, together with editorial comment by Albertsen. We advise readers to study this article in conjunction with a second article published today under the heading “Hormone therapy and radiation treatment: a topical update.” … READ MORE …

New year’s day reports: January 1, 2009

There are three reports in our first daily report for 2009, dealing with issues as varied as genetic profiling for prostate cancer risk, the relative merits of LRP and RALP, and the management of geriatric prostate cancer patients who are on long-term hormone therapy. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news update: Monday, September 1

In today’s reports:

  • Zoledronic acid (Zometa) has confirmed it’s impact on skeletal strength in the “real world”
  • Time to recovered of “normal” testosterone levels after ADT has been measured in a prospective clinical trial
  • Acupuncture appear to work to relieve “hot flashes” in men on LHRH agonists … READ MORE …

An abiraterone patient blog

For those who are interested in following the abiraterone story in more detail, Bernie Boyce has started a blog on his experiences in enrolling in and (he hopes) participating in the Phase III clinical trial of abiraterone under the supervision of Dr. de Bono at the Royal Marsden Hospital in the UK.

The prostate cancer news update: Tuesday, August 5

So after a few days becalmed in a world of minimal prostate cancer news … we have a fine controversy to revisit and some other interesting titbits to gnaw on … … READ MORE …

Your prostate cancer news “fix” for Monday, July 27th

In today’s prostate cancer news:

  • More on the effects of hormone therapy on cognitive function and
  • The application to market satraplatin has been withdraw in Europe … MORE …

Abiraterone update: a patient interviews de Bono

Here’s a link to an excellent article on the “real” abiraterone story, written by journalist Robert Sandall, who has advanced prostate cancer himself. He has spoken to researcher Johann de Bono directly, and quotes him as follows:

Some parts of the press have hyped this drug way beyond what I said about it. … This is not a cure, let me correct that. I believe this drug definitely works — but it works much better with some patients than it does with others.

The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink is pleased to see Dr. de Bono confirm our earlier analysis of the situation.

The PM prostate cancer news: Wednesday, July 23

In additional news breaking today:

  • Dendreon Corp. is predicting interim results of the IMPACT study of Provenge in metastatic, androgen-independent prostate cancer by October 2008
  • The FDA has refused to approve an experimental, topical treatment for erectile dysfunction … MORE …

Abiraterone acetate for hormone-resistant prostate cancer

A paper published today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that a new agent has been identified for the treatment of end-stage prostate cancer. The paper is being quoted in the media and is likely to reinvigorate discussion about the merits and risks of agents targeting hormone synthetic pathways. Continue reading