Potential new imaging agent in diagnosis, monitoring of prostate cancer

About 19 months ago we reported that a company called Progenics Pharmaceuticals had acquired all rights to a small, radiolabeled molecule known as [99mTc]MIP-1404, and that an international, multi-center Phase II trial was  investigating the clinical activity of [99mTc]MIP-1404 as a prostate cancer imaging agent. … READ MORE …

New targeted imaging agents and the diagnosis, prognosis of progressive disease

According to a media release issued today by Progenics Pharmaceuticals, early clinical studies of two of their investigational products — the imaging agents [123I]-MIP-1072 and [123I]-MIP-1095 — suggest potential of these two agents in enhancement of imaging techniques to identify the exact location of cancer in bone, tissue, and the prostate itself. … READ MORE …


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