From Partin tables to a Partin nomogram — a 2010 update

A multi-center research team has used data from > 7,300 radical prostatectomy patients treated between 2000 and 2005 at two major medical centers to construct a new “2010 Partin nomogram” to improve prediction of pathologic outcomes after radical surgery. … READ MORE …

Prostate cancer news reports: December 8, 2009

In today’s news reports we comment on articles dealing with:

  • The declining rate of prostate cancer mortality in the USA
  • Managing prostate cancer in the elderly
  • Re-validation of the Partin tables
  • RALP as salvage surgery for radiation-resistant patients … READ MORE …

Your weekend prostate cancer news: November 22, 2008

Today’s reports cover such topics as:

  • Innaccuracies in use of the Partin tables in two cohorts of European patients
  • Additional evidence that “earlier is better” when radiotherapy is required following surgery
  • Lack of information about the effects of ADT on bone density (at least in Canada)
  • Individual variation in serum testosterone levels among patinets receiving ADT … READ MORE …

More non-ASTRO news: Wednesday, September 24

We are now able to provide a link to the abstract of the paper on diet, telomeres, and prostate cancer by Ornish et al., which we first reported on last week.

Additional news today addresses:

  • The classification of patients considered to be appropriate for active surveillance
  • The accuracy of the Partin tables as a predictive tool
  • The publication of an initial report on a single-port, robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. … READ MORE …