SNP on chromosome 19 may be good biomarker for aggressive Gleason 7 disease

An article just published on line in Clinical Cancer Research supposedly reports the discovery of a single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP that may be useful in predicting which patients with Gleason 7 disease are most likely to have a more aggressive form of cancer. … READ MORE …

“Gene polymorphism” and prostate cancer: what do we know?

Frankly … not that much … but a new “brief review” in BJU International provides a good summary of the little that we really do know about the variations between specific areas of human DNA (“gene polymorphism”) and the relationship of such genetic variation to risk for prostate cancer. … READ MORE …

Your weekend news reports: March 21, 2009

This weekend’s news reports include items on:

  • Androgen pathway genes and prostate cancer risk
  • Pre-treatment PSA doubling time and prediction of Gleason score
  • The diagnosis of prostate cancer in men with a diagnosis of HG-PIN
  • Neoadjuvant hormone therapy in men undergoing brachytherapy
  • Acupuncture as a means to manage hot flashes … READ MORE …