Your weekend prostate cancer news: November 22, 2008

Today’s reports cover such topics as:

  • Innaccuracies in use of the Partin tables in two cohorts of European patients
  • Additional evidence that “earlier is better” when radiotherapy is required following surgery
  • Lack of information about the effects of ADT on bone density (at least in Canada)
  • Individual variation in serum testosterone levels among patinets receiving ADT … READ MORE …

Thursday news update, Part B: October 30, 2008

Part B of today’s prostate cancer news update includes information about:

  • Screening behaviors of Afro-Caribbean men in Brooklyn, NY
  • Weight loss and prostate cancer risk
  • Potential of upgrading and upstaging of men with “favorable” prostate cancer on diagnosis
  • Effects of ADT on body lean and body fat mass
  • Salvage radiotherapy + androgen deprivation and toxic impact of treatment … READ MORE …