Long-term QoL of men in the Scandinavian Prostate Cancer Group 4 clinical trial

In 1989 the Scandinavian Prostate Cancer Group Study Number 4 (SPCG-4) started randomizing men with a clinically initiated diagnosis of localized prostate cancer to either watchful waiting or open radical prostatectomy as their primary treatment. A new paper has now addressed the long-term quality of life (QoL) of men in this study. … READ MORE …

Radical prostatectomy vs. watchful waiting: an update

Bill-Axelson et al. have just published an update of the Scandinavian Prostate Cancer Research Group’s prospective, randomized trial of watchful waiting vs. radical prostatectomy. The most recent results are somewhat worrisome.

For a detailed update on this study, please read the article entitled “Watchful waiting vs. radical surgery: the Scandinavian trial” elsewhere on this site. However, the crucial information is that at 10.8 years of follow-up there appears to have been no increase in the overall or the disease-specific survival benefit compared to the data at 8.2 years of follow-up.