Just how real are the annual ACS estimates for risk associated with prostate cancer?

One has to be a very sophisticated statistician to understand how the American Cancer Society (ACS) comes up with its annual estimates for the numbers of people who will get diagnosed with and die of each specific form of cancer in any particular year. (And your sitemaster freely admits that he is not a sophisticated statistician.) … READ MORE …

“There’s more to life than death”

We strongly recommend to all our readers a commentary in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine by Drs. Pamela Hartzband and Jerome Groopman. It deals forcefully with distinction between “statistical proof” of the lack of value of PSA testing and the accuracy of that statistical proof as a basis for clinical decision-making. … READ MORE …

Prostate Cancer in the Caribbean

A discussion has unfolded on the Prostate Cancer InfoLink Caribbean Group forum. It has to do with the high mortality rates relative to incidence.

A question has been raised regarding stage at diagnosis, which, if late, can help to explain the ratio. Does anyone know where we can get good stage-at-diagnosis statistics for the Caribbean?

caribbean-figures.jpgClick the image on the right to see an enlarged version of the incidence and mortality table.