The CenterWatch clinical trials listing service

The CenterWatch clinical trials listing service is another resource that may be helpful for some patients interested in participating in clinical trials.

Like Nexcura, CenterWatch is a commercial company and in individual cases it may be supporting the desires of pharmaceutical companies and others to enroll patients into clinical trials, so be a little cautious. However, also like Nexcura, CenterWatch offers a wide range of services that can be very helpful to patients, and particularly to those patients who wish to be proactively informed about clinical trials of new agents for the management of prostate cancer.

The CenterWatch web site provides listings of clinical trials of new forms of prostate cancer treatment organized by state in the USA (and then by city within each state)and by country (and then by city) for the rest of the world. As examples, see these two pages:

If you are interested in finding out about ongoing clinical trials and newly approved drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer, you can also link to this Web page and decide whether you are interested in signing up for CenterWatch’s prostate cancer notification services.

Content on this page last reviewed and updated March 27, 2011.
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