The Nexcura database

Nexcura is a commercial company that partners with not-for-profit organizations and others to provide customized information for patients, health professionals, clinical researchers, and others.

In the case of prostate cancer, you can use the Nexcura prostate cancer profiler services directly, and Nexcura has also partnered with Us TOO International to offer Nexcura’s services to Us TOO’s members.

Nexcura’s services can be extremely helpful for many patients. By providing Nexcura with detailed information about your health status and your clinical conditions, you can be offered a wide range of information that is personalized for you, and which can save you from vast amounts of research that you would otherwise have to do yourself.

Perhaps even more importantly, Nexcura can provide you with current information about new clinical trials that may be relevent to your clinical situation (if you are interested). You can choose to receive e-mail from Nexcura that will inform you about new trials in your area, customized to your clinical situation.

Do remember, however, that Nexcura is a commercial company. Pharmaceutical companies and others pay Nexcura to promote information about their drugs and about clinical trials. Thus, while much of the information provided by Nexcura is extermely useful for many patients, you need to understand that there are commercial motives underlying the company’s activities.

Content on this page last reviewed and updated March 27, 2011.
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