Major ex-US prostate cancer-related web sites and organizations

We cannot offer an exhaustive list of ex-US prostate cancer web sites. However, sites in other countries offer services and information specific to the residents of those countries in their national language(s). The sites and services listed below have been classified by primary nation or region served.

US TOO International has chapters in cities in several countries around the world. To see if they have a chapter in a city near you, just click here and then  select your country on the US TOO web page.

If you are aware of major national prostate cancer web sites that we should add to this list, please let us know.

Global multi-language web sites

  • is a web site based in Switzerland that provides an archive for individual patient records and histories in German and English. However, we understand that it expects to offer this services in other languages too..

Africa in general

  • Prostate Cancer Africa is a separate web site that carries basic prostate cancer information specific to every African nation

Europe in general

  • Europa Uomo is a pan-European prostate cancer coalition that is a collaboration between 23 prostate cancer patient organizations and groups


Belgique / Vlaanderen (Belgium)


Caribbean region

China (see Zhongguo)

Danmark (Denmark)

Deutschland (Germany)

مصر (Egypt)

Éire (Ireland)

España (Spain)

भारत (India)

Ísland (Iceland)

יִשְרָאֵל (Israel)

Italia (Italy)

La France (France)

Nederland (The Netherlands / Holland)

New Zealand

Nippon (Japan)

Norge (Norway)

Oesterreich (Austria)

پاکستان (Pakistan)

Polska (Poland)

República Portuguesa (Portugal)

South Africa

Suisse / Schweiz (Switzerland)

Suomi (Finland)

Sverige (Sweden)

Türkiye (Turkey)

United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

United States of America

  • For US-based organizations and web sites, please click here


Zhongguo (China)

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