The CaP Calculator: a sophisticated decision-support system

The CaP Calculator is a prostate cancer prognostic tool that is rather different from others in that it combines data from several other predictive tools to give ranges of potential outcomes.

This tool is primarily intended for use by clinicians and their patients together to project the extent of disease and outcomes of treatment for any newly diagnosed patient with clinically localized prostate cancer (i.e., clinical stages T1N0M0 through T3N0M0).

What the CaP Calculator allows your physician to do is to enter data that would be required to give the “best” results from a variety of different prognostic tools, including the best known ones like the Partin tables, the Kattan pre-treatment nomogram, and several others.

The “New” Prostate Cancer InfoLink is of the opinion that the CaP Calculator remains one of the best decision-support tools available today for assessment of the extent of a newly diagnosed patient’s disease and the prediction of likely patient outcomes after treatment. Because it provides data based on a variety of earlier decision-support tools all in one place, it is at least as good as the best of those tools (depending on the individual views of the clinician you are seeing), and it provides additional information from several other sources to give a range of probabilities as opposed to just a single one.

The downside of the CaP Calculator is that is more difficult to use and it is harder to interpret the data that it can generate about an individual patient, which is why, at present, the developers recommend its use only by trained clinicians.

For more detail about the CaP Calculator, see the information under the headings Overview and Intended Use on the CaP Calulator web site.

Content on this page last reviewed and updated March 2, 2016
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