Yes folks, there is an New Yeara Claus!

Bill Martin is a long-time reader of this news service and a member of our social network. Some time ago, he wrote a rather “different” book about his rediscovery of himself as “a man” after treatment for prostate cancer.

Bill has let us know that, as his New Year’s gift to the planet, he is making that book and other information available free, on line, to potential readers. So, … for 2017, you can

Also, if you are one of those people who still like to actually have physical copies of the books you want to read, Bill will be happy to provide you with a copy in return for a very reasonable sum (see here).

This is not a book “about” prostate cancer. It is a book about coming to terms with the consequences of a diagnosis with prostate cancer and its treatment. And it’s a book that may be helpful for an awful lot of men (even if they don’t normally think about reading poetry).

2 Responses

  1. Great resource.

    Can’t wait to get my hard copy.

    Not much else is getting hard these days.


  2. After an RPP a week ago I’ve read the book last night. My poor English vocabulary are not useful to describe my feelings reading about his journey and poetry. I really hope that my recovery will be different, really hope so. Meanwhile the book was very useful to understand the processes that’re waiting for me.

    Regards from Monterrey, MEX

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