Projected attendance at AS research conference

About 100 patients, clinicians, and others are already registered as attendees at the conference on

Click on the link above for more information and to register. There is still plenty of time to join us.

The conference will take place from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern time on Monday, December 13 AND on 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Thursday, December 16.

Registration for the Monday session will automatically register an individual for the Thursday session as well. The Thursday session will bring the group back together to review the findings from the Monday sessions and the recommendations for research based on those findings.

The registration page also provides core information about the agenda for the main input portion of the meeting on the Monday, when there will be an introductory overview session followed by a series of workgroup sessions on a variety of different topics designed to ensure input from patients, patients’ spouses/partners and supporters, advocates, clinicians and researchers.

For patients in particular, this initiative offers the opportunity for input on critical research into the use and application of AS for favorable-risk forms of prostate cancer for years to come.

If you are man who

  • Is currently on AS for a favorable-risk form of localized prostate cancer
  • Was initially managed on AS for a favorable-risk form of localized prostate cancer but subsequently received active treatment (of any kind and for any reason)
  • Was initially told that AS was a reasonable possibility for initial management of your prostate cancer, but you decided to turn this opportunity down
  • Was never told about AS as a reasonable possibility for initial management of your prostate cancer, but realized, after first-line treatment, that this may have been a good opportunity for you

then your participation and input to this initiative is potentially important.

This initiative is supported by a grant from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). It has been organized and coordinated by the University of Maryland with input from multiple patient advocacy groups; a spectrum of specialists in the diagnosis and management of early-stage prostate cancer; and the American Urological Association. An initial survey about areas of interest for research on AS was completed by more than 350 patients and others.

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