Tales from “a poster boy” for active surveillance

Howard Wolinksy is  a journalist — by training and by profession. In 2010, a while after he finished full-time employment with the Chicago Sun-Times, he was diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer, and he has been documenting the impact ever since. … READ MORE …

First data from a RTC of proton beam radiation vs. conventional radiation therapy

When you go to large meetings with thousands of presentations, you miss things. And here’s one that a lot of people seem to have missed — your sitemaster included. … READ MORE …

Action needed to support prostate cancer research funding (again)

Prostate Cancer International and PCPC3 (along with ZERO and others) encourage our American readers to call or e-mail your senators between now and Monday, please … READ MORE …

This year’s ASCO abstracts available later today

For those with a passion for trolling through the latest data … the abstracts for most of the presentations to be given at this year’s annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) will be posted here at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time this afternoon. The actual meeting starts on June 3.

Hiatus in news coverage

Your sitemaster wishes to apologize to readers for a significant hiatus in news coverage over the past week while he has had to address a number of other important ongoing issues. His goal is to try to get back on track by the end of this week.

Active surveillance and African-American ethnicity

There have been reports in the recent past that active surveillance may be less appropriate for African-American men than it is for others; and then there have been reports that did not show such an effect. … READ MORE …

Human ability and the Minnesota State Fair

Apparently we are not very good at being able to estimate risk associated with a diagnosis of prostate cancer … and specifically risk of death within 15 years. … READ MORE …


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