News hiatus from your sitemaster

Your sitemaster is very conscious that he has “gone dark” over the past couple of weeks, and he hopes to be back to a regular posting schedule either this weekend or early next week.

Unfortunately life tends to intervene in busy schedules and when those interventions are combined with events like brief vacations and Thanksgiving it can become impossible to do all the things one would like to be able to do in a timely manner!

The forgotten element of health care is the “care” piece

A week ago we commented on a report about 40 percent of the American population believing that “alternative” forms of therapy could cure cancer. In this week’s issue of Modern Medicine there is an even more staggering set of information. … READ MORE …

“Prostate Cancer Today” — patient education meeting in Virginia Beach

This is another reminder that Prostate Cancer International will be holding its second annual prostate cancer patient meeting (“Prostate Cancer Today: Living Well; Choosing Wisely”) on October 13, 2018, in Virginia Beach, near Norfolk, Virginia, USA. … READ MORE …

Why do men get prostate cancer?

The answer to this question, some 70 to 80 years after we started to see if we could answer it, is still: “We haven’t got a clue.” But every so often people come up with a new or a revised hypothesis, and it can take years to work out whether each specific hypothesis is viable. … READ MORE …

A death … and a wife’s thoughts thereon

Ellen’s husband of 40+ years died just over a week ago from metastatic prostate cancer. We offer her our sincere condolences. We also thought that many of our readers might want to see what Ellen wrote to Ask Amy last night (click here).

How can shared decision-making work well if we aren’t starting from the same point?

Now here is a very interesting set of data from (admittedly) a small pilot study by a group of Italian researchers. … READ MORE …

InfoLink hiatus for a week

Your sitemaster is going to be “off the grid” for the next week and therefore will not be posting news or addressing other items before Monday 23 July at the earliest. Hopefully, nothing too significant will happen while he is away.