AS research survey: your help still needed

As of Friday (July 22), we had received more than 250 responses to our brief survey on research into active surveillance. Most of these are from patients and some from their familial supporters (spouses, partners, etc.). However,we are still interested in getting more input — especially from clinicians, including specialists, generalists, and allied health personnel like urology nurses!

We had originally provided detailed information about this survey in early June. Please review that link if you need more information. However, here is the quick summary again …

Our goal is to bring together patient, clinician, and academic input and thus jointly identify critical research topics that we hope will guide future research into active surveillance for the management of prostate cancer for years to come.

Initial patient and clinician input will be invaluable for helping for this project.  The first stage of gaining this input is a request for interested persons to please fill out this BRIEF survey related to topics that YOU think are important to the future use of AS in the management of prostate cancer. We are seeking such input from patients, patients’ spouses/partners and supporters/caregivers, physicians, nurses and others.

While we expect the majority of persons providing input to this project will be based in the USA, we are interested in input to this project from persons based anywhere in the world.

You are also invited to the virtual conference later in the year (in about the November/December time frame)! So, if you are interested, please provide your email address at the end of the survey and we will make sure you get relevant updates.

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  1. I’ll pimp this over at , in the prostate cancer/AS forums .

  2. I filled it out.

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