Us TOO’s suggested on-line prostate cancer resources

This extensive list of (primarily US-based) on-line prostate cancer resources is maintained by Nancy Peress on behalf of Us TOO International. Copyright to this list is owned by and the list is reproduced here by kind permission of Us TOO International.

Please note: These are simply pointers to Internet-based prostate cancer resources, and should not be regarded as any sort of recommendation or endorsement. It’s up to you to carefully weigh the information you find, and discuss it with your own physician.

The list was most recently updated on September 6, 2009.


  • Prostate Problems Mailing List (PPML): An unmoderated forum which discusses problems and treatments related to men’s prostate gland. This is a broad-based, comprehensive forum with extremely knowledgeable participants. To subscribe, go to:
  • Physician To Patient (p2p): The purpose of the p2p mailing list is to provide the prostate cancer patient or other interested parties with information from physicians about the treatment of prostate cancer. This is a moderated list without the high volume normally associated with mailing lists or the frequent off-topic questions. To subscribe, go to:
    IMPORTANT: Every message sent to p2p must contain a Prostate Cancer Digest. Instructions for preparing your digest are in the first issue of PCRI Insights, which you can get in .pdf format here: The same instructions are also available as a webpage:
  • RP: A mailing list dedicated to the needs and concerns of radical prostatectomy patients. The sole purpose of this list is to narrowly  focus on the concerns of those who have already had an RP or have selected RP as their treatment. To subscribe, go to:
  • The RP-Help Wiki: A compendium of knowledge and help from longtime RP subscribers. Please first subscribe to RP (see above) and then get the wiki URL from the RP welcome message
  • CHB: CHB offers discussion and support for patients interested in any form of hormonal blockade. This includes: orchidectomy, medical hormonal blockade [Lupron, flutamide, Proscar, etc.] as well as food supplements such as PC-SPES. To subscribe, go to:
  • The PCAI Wiki: A collaborative treasure trove of knowledge and help from longtime PCAI subscribers. Please first subscribe to PCAI (see above) and then get the wiki URL from the PCAI welcome message
  • Coach-to-Player (C2P): PC-REF’s mailing list where patients and loved ones can ask prostate cancer questions of Israel Barken and other doctors. To subscribe, go to:
  • PCa_Women: A group for the spouses and partners of men with prostate cancer
  • A Prostate Cancer Forum for Ladies Only: A safe place is provided to help deal with medical, emotional and life style changes that accompany the diagnosis of prostate cancer. To register and participate, go to:


  • Malecare — Multi-lingual website of national nonprofit prostate cancer support group network


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