Cancer “journey”? … What cancer “journey?”

One of the ways that some prostate cancer patients help themselves (and others) is through the ways that they engage with other patients and families and the health care systems in the areas where they live.

A case in point is Robert Harrison, who lives in Clayton, North Carolina, and has become an active patient advocate for three university-based cancer research centers — after first learning how better to cope with his own case of metastatic prostate cancer.

You can read the full text of his story here, on The ASCO Post web site, or a slightly abbreviated version here, on

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  1. That’s the spirit. We are all on a one-way ticket, prostate cancer naïve, “patient” or “survivor”.

    I think part of the thing with prostate cancer is it is often us patients’ first real intimation of mortality. That creates its own set of challenges for the people advising us, e.g., as we “fight the disease” when what we are really “fighting” is mortality, leading to irrational trade-offs between quantity and quality of life.

    And of course medicine often weights the former for several reasons. Here is a link to a famous complaint against that.

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