Managing prostate cancer in “unfit” geriatric patients

Falci et al. have reviewed available data on the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in relatively unhealthy (“unfit”), elderly patients — from a European perspective. The complete text of this article is available to subscribers to OncologySTAT (which is accessible at no charge).

Their article emphasizes the importance of overall life expectancy in making treatment decisions, and in assessment of whether projected quality of life may be adversely impacted by treatment liable to have limited impact on overall survival. They define “unfit” patient categories with care and specifically address issues related to treatment of prostate cancer within a geriatric population.

The authors’ general recommendations regarding treatment of this group of patients are appropriately conservative, with most patients being appropriately managed with some forms of expectant management (watchful waiting) and others being treated in ways designed to minimize disease progression and related symptoms.

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