Expert video-discussion on evolution in the management of late stage prostate cancer

Here is a link to a recent 20-minute video-discussion on the Medscape web site between an number of European experts on evolutions in the management of castration-resistant (and earlier forms of) prostate cancer. (You do need to sign up to be able to see material on the Medscape web site, but you can opt out of most follow-up e-mails.)

The discussion includes the expected summary of current information on drugs like abiraterone and MDV3100 (enzalutamide), but some of the more interesting aspects of this video are in the comments about the roles on bone scans, PET scanning, and diffusion-weighted MRI scanning (DW-MRI) in the diagnosis and monitoring of men with metastatic disease. It is clear from this discussion that we have a way to go before data on the roles of PET and DW-MRI in the diagnosis and management opf prostate cancer are going to become compelling, and that there will need to be greater cooperation between the imaging specialists and the treating urologists and oncologists if we are to establish the value of these forms of scanning with clarity.

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