Astellas, Medivation initiate TRUMPET registry study

Many patients newly diagnosed with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) may be interested in participating in a new registry study known as the TRUMPET study, which has just started to enroll patients and is sponsored by Astellas and Medivation (the developers and marketers of enzalutamide/Xtandi).

To participate in TRUMPET you do not have to be taking enzalutamide. What is important is:

  • That the patient has CRPC
  • That he and his doctors initiate any one of several appropriate forms of treatment within 45 days of diagnosis with CRPC, and
  • That both the patient and his caregiver (i.e., wife, partner, son, daughter, etc.) are willing and able to complete a series of questionnaires over time.

To see a summary of the trial protocol, have a look at this link to the web site. Additional information is available in this media release from Astellas and Medivation.

The goal of the TRUMPET registry trial is to give us all greater insight into the management of advanced prostate cancer by describing and evaluating patterns of care and disease assessment methods, as well as identifying factors that influence physician treatment decisions and settings, referral patterns, and patient characteristics associated with these factors. TRUMPET will also describe factors influencing treatment decisions — including reason(s) for treatment choices and triggers for treatment changes for CRPC — and clinical outcomes based on patient characteristics.

The study has been designed to enroll about 2,000 patients and should be complete by 2020.

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