UK to invest 75 million in prostate cancer research

According to an announcement on Tuesday from  10 Downing Street in London, Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has committed to investing £75 million (about US$106 million) in prostate cancer research.

Specifically, the news release states that:

Over 40,000 men will be recruited into prostate cancer studies over the next 5 years, which will be backed by £75 million to support new research into early diagnosis and treatment.

Although this amount of money is significantly less (over a 5-year period) than the money invested in prostate cancer research through the US Department of Defence’s Prostate Cancer Research Project, it is worth bearing in mind that the number of men living in the United Kingdom (at about 31 million as of the 2011 census) is much smaller than the numb er of men living in the USA (about 152 million as of the 2010 census) and so — over a 5-year period — the UK will be investing about $0.63 per man per year and the US Department of Defense will (hopefully) be investing about $0.66 per man per year.

However, the political ramifications of this announcement in the UK are incredibly important, because this investment now has the full support of the Prime Minister — above and beyond “the Government”.

2 Responses

  1. Yay UK!

  2. Of course this has the full backing of the Prime Minister. Her government and their health minister Jeremy Hunt are privatising the National Health Service right now. It will soon be an outpost of (e.g.) Kaiser Permanente and Unum Group. That money will make this heist more attractive.

    I recommend the writings of Allyson Pollock and David Owen on this matter. The NHS was killed by the Cameron government in 2012, when the Health and Social Care Act was passed. A disaster that in 2015 gave a spike of 15,000 deaths above the statistical expectation. The total such deaths since the Cameron government was elected in 2010 is around 120,000. For all this see the academic papers of Danny Dorling and others. For the thousands who have died when involved with a phoney Fit For Work test, see Mo Stewart, Cash Not Care. For all this the competent Disability Commission of the United Nation has called these matters since 2011 a “human catastrophe.” I am a member of the group which initiated the UN investigation, Disabled People Against Cuts. We had about 45 points of human rights complaints; members testified in Geneva.

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