The upcoming APCCC 2019 meeting on advanced prostate cancer

The first iteration of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) was held in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 2017, and the second iteration is upcoming in late August this year — this time in Basel.

Your sitemaster has been invited to attend this second meeting and has managed to scrape up the funds to pay for his travel and hotel accommodation, so he will be able to report in person on key issues that come up. For those who are interested in learning more, we would encourage you to visit the APCCC 2019 web site, and have a look at the detailed meeting agenda.

The APCCC meetings are very specifically designed to bring a spectrum of experts and key opinion leaders together from around the world to address areas of controversy in the management of advanced prostate cancer and to seek consensus on specific issues if this is possible. Carefully selected panel members are invited to vote on very specific sets of recommendations throughout the course of the meeting. The core areas of controversy to be addressed in the 2019 meeting are also listed on the APCCC 219 web site.

As we approach the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago and the second APCCC, it was particularly interesting to note the recent publication of an article by Saad et al. in BJU International addressing the degree to which consensus statements on issues addressed in the first APCCC had impacted recommendations on the treatment of advanced prostate cancer in a non-American, non-European, middle-income country (Malaysia) at a local Malaysian meeting (MyAPCCC) of key opinion leaders held in 2018.


Most voting results from the MyAPCCC 2018 were consistent with the APCCC 2017 outcomes. No consensus was achieved for controversial topics with little level I evidence, such as management of oligometastatic diseases. No consensus was reached on using high‐cost drugs in castration‐naïve or castration‐resistant metastatic prostate cancer in real‐world settings. All panelists recommended using generic drugs when available.

Attentive readers will note that the topic of oligometastatic disease receives frequent attention on the detailed agenda for the APCCC 2019.

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  1. Dear Sitemaster,

    Wonderful to learn that you will be attending what should be an extremely informative conference. I will be one who will be looking forward to your remarks following your return, and hopeful to be able to access the full conference report once completed.

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