“Immunotherapy for prostate cancer: past, present, and future”

An article with the above title by Dr. Michael Glodé (a well-known medical oncologist at the University of Colorado in Denver) appears in the most recent issue of ASCO Connection.

Members of ASCO can log on to read this article using their membership log-in codes. However, the content of ASCO Connection is also accessible to guest non-members who are willing to register to read the content.

In his article, Dr. Glodé provides a focused summary of “where we are at” in the use of immunologic therapies like sipuleucel-T to treat prostate cancer from the perspective of an experienced medical oncologist who has years of experience in the management of advanced forms of this disorder. It is well worth a read … as are many of Dr Glode’s articles, because he tends to express his opinions in a clear and straightforward manner, and support them with sound, basic facts.

14 Responses

  1. Whoops not accessible to guest members unless my fried brain did something wrong

  2. Huh? Oh well, sorry. It said that it was when I wasn’t logged in! Did you get a guest account (see here).

  3. Are there any immunotherapies currently in clinical trials, other than ProstVac and CV 9103/CV 9104?

  4. Same here — registered as a guest but unable to access.

  5. I tried a guest membership as well and it won’t let me access the content.

  6. Pawel:

    Yes. Several. Insert the word “vaccine” into the InfoLink search engine and it will give you links to commentaries on several products (although exactly where they are in the progress of individual trials can be hard to determine).

  7. Sorry folks. I don’t know what to tell you.

  8. How about “I goofed”?

  9. Dear “Old Codger”:

    Respectfully, I didn’t goof. There is a very clear message stating that anyone could sign up to see this information, so I have no idea why one can’t.

  10. Hi, I can’t seem to get into the full article. Please help, Geoff McLennan

  11. Geoff:

    Apparently no one can unless they are an ASCO member (see prior comments). Sorry.

  12. I saw this in the ASCO Connection. But the best part of the article was in the comments section between Charles Drake and Marie Huber. They go at it quite well with Huber’s well-known rant against Provenge. It’s unfortunate that she appears to not apply trial science to her arguments but rather re-argues against the conclusions of the trials that have led to men extending their lives. It’s quite an emotional argument she makes! It’s important to note that Huber was in fact fined by the SEC and had her rightist suspended for 6 months as part of the plea compromise she entered into.

  13. Yea that’s a “society members” only publication. I can ask Dr. Glode if we can have the article but it’s the comments I thought were telling. Controversy indeed!

  14. I saw a TV commercial for Provenge the other day. It seemed odd to me but, … I am hoping to start Provenge if my new scans do not show any visceral disease.

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