Primary melanoma of the prostate

Primary melanoma of the prostate is so rare that only five cases of this disorder have ever been reported in the medical literature — and your sitemaster had never even heard of this form of prostate cancer prior to seeing the care report referred to below.

Melanoma if a very aggressive form of skin cancer that spreads rapidly if it is not identified at an early stage. Since the primary cause of melanoma is excessive radiation of the skin (usually associated with outdoor labor, excessive exposure to the sun through tanning in the summer, and over-exposure to radiation through tanning salons), it is clear that primary melanoma of the prostate is going to be unusual to say the least.

The case reported by Tosev et al. in BMC Urology is of 37-year-old, male, German patient who appears to have contracted this disorder as a secondary cancer associated with his radiation treatment and chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s disease.

The recommended management of this type of cancer is, necessarily, quite different for that used in the management of the common adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Prostate cancer support group leaders may simply wish to be aware that this form of cancer is a highly unlikely possibility.

2 Responses

  1. I had melanoma on my back 5 months after prostate cancer removal and radiation.

  2. Dear Jord8470:

    Melanoma on one’s back 5 months after treatment for prostate cancer would almost certainly just be regular melanoma and have nothing at all to do with either prostate cancer or its treatment.

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